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Digital Workplace User Experience with Powell Teams


“I hear people complaining about the free structure of Teams and how it has led to a proliferation of channels and teams with no document structure.  This organic growth is causing challenges even in businesses of our size.”    - CIO

We can enhance your companies digital workplace, SharePoint, intranet and Teams sites with Powell Office 365 Software. 

Through Powell Intranet, Powell Hub, Powell Manager and Powell Teams we provide extended benefits to the Microsoft 365 ecosystem rapidly and at a very low subscription cost.

Take a look at an overview of Powell Teams

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More than 1,500,000+ Office 365 users rely on Powell 365 to deliver their intelligent digital workplace experience can show you how to rapidly deploy a Digital Workplace for your team using Office 365, SharePoint and Teams with Powell 365.

Get the best from your Office 365 for your team

About Powell Teams

Powell 365 is a one stop SAS productivity application designed to drive communication and collaboration between co-workers, from anywhere, at any time, on any device.

Powell Teams offers comprehensive features in order to streamline the usage and the management of Microsoft Teams. For end users, Powell Teams offers a full fledge dashboard to easily access Teams information that counts most. For the IT department, Powell Teams offers comprehensive capabilities to govern and manage Teams lifecycle. Also, it enables to create Teams based on pre-configured templates.

Based on Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint, with Powell 365 you can streamline your deployment process and provide an engaging portal design while taking advantage of everything Microsoft technologies have to offer.

With this all-in-one application intranet based solution, your employees can safely access their business apps, corporate documents and company information in one click. Offer employees a foundation of business applications, push specific apps, and track usage with corporate analytics. This workspace for personal productivity will transform daily operations and bring all applications into one single platform helping employees stay focused.


At we have recently been working with Powell software to drive productivity adoption and change within the Office and work from home environment. We can help you Drive your Office 365 adoption and increase employee engagement with the Powell Software Suite. Revolutionize corporate communication, boost company productivity and simplify all aspects of portal design, deployment and governance.

3 Key Benefits of Powell Teams

IT : Governance

  • Control Teams Creation (Approval Workflow)

  • Share Best Practises

  • Manage Team Life cycle (activities and Archive easily

End User : Enhanced Experience​

  • Accelerate teams creation process with templates

  • Simplify teams access with tags, favourites, highlighted teams

Business :Transform Microsoft Teams into a digital Workplace

  • Templating Advanced use Cases

  • Include key features and functions (Planner, News, Events, Documents

  • A Digital Workplace = Intranet and Teams

Powell Teams

Powell 365 Digital Workplace Manager


Manage your Digital Workplace with ease.

Powell Manager is a provisioning tool that makes it very simple to create a Digital Workplace from scratch. An enterprise portal can be designed and deployed in less than one month by tailoring ready-made templates without any code or by creating a fully personalized version.

This highly customizable solution ensures your users can simply drag and drop elements to create exactly the intranet they want, with the possibility to empower your company brand internally by aligning it with your portal theme.

Templates PDF.pdf

Powell Teams

Address any collaboration need in your organization and ensure everyone can collaborate in an efficient way with Powell Teams. This collaboration tool is a Microsoft Teams add-in that will improve the employee experience and collaborative process for companies that are using Microsoft Teams.

Powell Teams

With this all-in-one application, your employees can safely access their business apps, corporate documents and company information in one click. All corporate, public and personal applications are organized and displayed in this personal productivity dashboard to help employees stay concentrated, save time and easily manage all their tasks from one place. Simplify the daily routine, reduce redundant tools and organize the core of your workspace to drive employee productivity and track usage with corporate analytics.

Powell Teams

This ready-made digital workplace is built on top of Office 365 and focuses mainly on employee engagement. Personalized portal pages push Office 365 tools in a more user-friendly way to help employees get their jobs done from anywhere, at any time, on any device and in any language. Provide an engaging employee experience and streamline your intranet deployment process while taking advantage of everything Microsoft technologies have to offer.

At we enhance Microsoft Office 365 with Powell 365

We would be happy to talk to you about the benefits of integrating the Powell App range to your Microsoft Office 365 Environment

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